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::List of Magazine Articles::

"Teen Celebrity" (USA), January 2000, "Who's She? MIscha Barton"
"Roadshow" (Japan), June 1999, Vol. 7, pg. 201- 203, by: Yuki Nakjima, "Mischa Barton New York Interview"
"Venice Magazine" (USA), May 1998, Vol. X, Iss. 8, pg. 16, by: Lindsay Bishop, "Mischa Barton makes a dynamic and alluring turn....."
"Premiere" (USA), May 1998, pg. 28, by: Jen Nikolaisen, "Dog Day Afternoon"
"Bleach Magazine" (USA), May 1998, Vol. 1, Iss. Premiere, by: Mary Donnelly, "Actor Mischa Barton will more than likely never rob a video store..."
"The Sunday Times:- Style" (UK), November 1997, by: Tony Allen Mills, "Girl Power"

"Interview Magazine" (USA), April 2001, by: Scott Lyle Cohen, "The Cat's out of the Bag"
"Roadshow" (Japan), April 1999, Vol. 5, by: Yuki Nakajima, "Mischa Barton"
"Variety" (USA), 1 September 1997, by: Todd McCarthy, "Lawn Dogs"
"The New Yorker" (USA), 24 March 1997, by: John Lahr, "Death Defying Acts"
"New York Magazine" (USA), 9 January 1995, by: John Simon, "From Slavs! to Slavonia"

"Roadshow Magazine" (Japan), September 2000, "Mischa Barton in Tokyo"
"Roadshow" (Japan), June 1999, Vol. 6, pg. 60-62+121-125, by: Photos Yoshi Ohara, "Images of Mischa Barton"
"Maxim" (UK), December 1997, Iss. 32, pg. 224, by: Joseph Fischer, "Yeah we're like Reservoir Dogs,only...drier"

"Vogue" (Italy), October 1997, Vol. 566
"Family Life" (USA), September 1996
"Ladies Home Journal" (USA), December


~~Lawn Dogs~~ "From this predicament Duigan and Wallace reveal how Devon may be exceedingly bright yet still be limited by her 10-year-old's perspective. That "Lawn Dogs," imaginatively photographed by Elliot Davis, itself is shaped like a folk tale, ever so slightly stylized, allows it to get away with a satisfyingly surreal finish..." LA TIMES

~~PUPS~~ "Forget Haley Joel Osment these kids are two of the most gifted and exciting actors of their generation. Van Hoy offers an amazing mixture off naivete, anger, pathos, and cultural shaping (it's quite clear the television has babysat him on far too many occasions). And Barton's even better. Her emotionally authentic depiction of a teenager is right up there with Jean-Pierre Leaud in The 400 Blows and Crispin Glover in The Orkly Kid." -- Rotten Tomatoes

~~Skipped Parts~~ "This unusually frank and honest film is based on Sandlin's novel, which vows not to skip the parts most coming-of-age stories gloss over. As such it's an entertaining, intriguing film...the tender romance/friendship between Hall and Barton is authentically awkward and touching." ...SHADOWS ON THE WALL

~~Lost and Delirious~~ "Strong emotional resonance and such an array of vital, passionate performances..." LA TIMES

All articles and publicity copyrighted from the original sources.